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Ranking of the 15 best vintage jerseys in the history of the league

Look good, play good. The sports psychology behind these four words is fascinating. There is a real merit behind this shot. NFL homecoming uniforms provide some of the best and worst examples of aesthetics. The best NFL homecoming jerseys are so good they may make non-franchise fans want to hang one up in their man cave. But who has the best?

The NFL’s Best Returning Uniforms | 15-6

Bottle that nostalgia – let’s rank the best homecoming jerseys in the NFL!

15. Dallas Texans

They had the state of Texas on their cover with a star signifying the city of Dallas on the map. It’s an incredible touch, even though the team was awful. Let’s pay homage to the great Lamar Hunt for this fantastic piece of history before we finally move the franchise to Kansas City.

Photo credit: Getty Images

14. Cleveland Browns (dark brown mesh)

Is there anything more Dawg Pound than a mesh training jersey worn on Sunday? Looks like they’re about to punch you in the mouth wearing the darkest shade of brown they can find. The white numbers almost merged with the white epaulettes peeking through the mesh. Classic whites look great too, but the spirit of Cleveland is in the mesh.

Mike Pruitt (43) runs with the ball in a game against the Los Angeles Rams.

13. Bison Notes (1994)

1994 was a great year for uniforms, and the Buffalo Bills were no exception. Red, white and blue will always be a winning combination. But the red helmet with the blue tops and the white pants were the best look the Bills have sported in their history (and the ’60s white helmets with the all-red buffalo were amazing, too). What makes this jersey one of the best in NFL history is the beautiful color coordination and the success of the team that has accompanied them.

Photos: Buffalo Bills uniforms over the years

12. Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles uniforms have always been stellar. But there’s something about Eric Dickerson’s oversized No.29 that resonates the best. The number was too big on the front. The number was too big on the arms. The yellow on the sleeve was enormous. But all that glitz was perfect for a city like Los Angeles. The Rams’ Horn Helmet is the best persistent helmet in the league.

Los Angeles Rams ban Eric Dickerson from the sidelines

11. Denver Broncos (Elway era)

This could very well be the best helmet ever outside of “Bucco Bruce’s”. The massive “D” on the helmet with the horse framed is an amazing look. It looks like the horse is blowing smoke as well, which would suit a Denver-area team in 2021. The orange crush makes this NFL uniform one of the biggest throwbacks of all time.

Cowboys safety Brock Marion (31) knocks down Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway in the first half of their game at Texas Stadium on September 10, 1995.

10. San Francisco 49ers (1994 edition)

I don’t know how the NFL allowed the 49ers to have such big numbers on these comebacks. The three red stripes on the sleeve were perfect, and even the most short-sighted fans could see everyone’s numbers from the nosebleed seats. There is something incredibly stylish about all white tops and bottoms too.

Denver Broncos Look Like 1994 San Francisco 49ers |  Launderer Report |  Latest news, videos and highlights
Photo credit: Getty Images

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (cream to the crop)

They’re ugly, but they’re iconic. Red and orange blend into each other to create a sort of color scheme if you are more than 10 feet apart. However, what makes this one of the best returning uniforms is “Bucco Bruce” on the helmet. The man has a blade in his teeth – it’s cool there. For what it’s worth, the uniform looks good up close. The colors just don’t contrast enough at a distance.

Arians Says Bucs Creamsicle Uniforms Could Return In 2021 |  Tin report

8. Atlanta Falcons (all black)

Black tops. Black helmet. Deion Sanders in his backpedal, preparing to snatch another pass from the opposition. It is the look. Paired with the hawk wing that descends to naturally follow the lines of the face mask, you get the meanest homecoming uniforms in NFL history. The subtle red outline on the numbers is perfect and the silver pants complete the set.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

7. Philadelphia Eagles (Kelly Green)

The wings of the helmet no longer strike as before. There was a nice lack of definition when the fenders were silvery with no outline. The eagle on the sleeve was a nice touch. But the best thing about those was that the white tops were just as cool, if not cooler, overall. There was something about the sparkle we got when the light hit the green numbers which hit all-green highs differently.

Philadelphia Eagles have long been considering switching to Kelly Green uniforms |  For victory

6. Dallas Cowboys (white shoulders)

When you played Madden as a kid (or adult) you picked out these NFL Cowboys homecoming jerseys. If you didn’t, you missed it. If you don’t, fix it. The white shoulders that frame the back perfectly accentuate the name on the back. Unique is the way white and blue meet at mid-sleeve and soar sharply to the middle of the collar. The star on the shoulder and the helmet is beautifully simple. The numbers do not have an outline. Like the daily Cowboys jerseys, this is a classic and simple design, which contrasts perfectly with such a brilliant franchise.

Cowboys Won't Wear Thanksgiving Jerseys Due To New NFL Rule |  For victory
Photo credit: USA Today

The NFL’s Best Returning Uniforms | Top 5

The cream of the crop is upon us.

5. Miami Dolphins (Marino era)

The Miami uniforms of that time were like Dan Marino. They posted big numbers but failed to get the job done to secure the championship. White tops with teal numbers contrast beautifully with the tertiary orange used by Miami. The marked difference between the bottom and the top due to the teal based bottoms worked perfectly. In addition, the logo on the side of the helmet completes the design. An orange ring framing a bit of a dolphin wearing an old-fashioned helmet? I’m in.

Photo credit: USA Today

4. Denver Broncos (originals)

The first scorching take on the list lands at the top of the list at # 4 on the list. Bright yellow tops and brown bottoms ooze football. They are one of the best NFL homecoming uniforms of all time because of their simplicity. The brown helmet has a single white line on the top and white player numbers on the side. The yellow jersey has brown numbers with no outline color. The brown pants with two yellow stripes are an incredible reverse of the tops and pair perfectly with the helmet. Still, the socks could go as the Steelers comebacks seem to want to go – jail.

The 10 Ugliest NFL Uniforms of All Time |  Sports news
Photo credit: Getty Images

3. Houston Oilers

The sky-blue Houston Oilers tops with white numbers and red outlines are among the most beautiful comebacks in NFL history. They have also teamed up with an exceptional collar on the sleeve with two outer red lines surrounding it. Then two more bold white lines curled up. And it ended with the sky blue stripes that wrap around the center.

Tennessee Titans players push to wear uniforms back in 2021
Photo credit: USA Today

2. New England Patriots (Pat Patriots)

NFL teams knew how to do red, white and blue. The “Pat Patriots” uniforms come second because the most superior color around the grounds comes out on top. The Reds, in particular, are one of the best returning NFL uniforms of all time. Paired with white pants and two red outer vertical stripes, and a blue vertical stripe down the middle, this allowed for the most thoughtful color coordination the league has ever seen. How did the Oilers and Patriots find this specific combination? Have they tried it with the blue and red swapped out on the stripes?

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots
Photo by Jim Rogash / Getty Images

1. Los Angeles Chargers (Powder Blues)

Even the name is No. 1. “Powder Blue” falls right on. What makes these NFL homecoming uniforms the best ever is looking at how unfairly cool LaDainian Tomlinson looked, causing guys to miss while wearing them. The uniforms of the Chargers have always been exceptional. The best part about these NFL homecoming jerseys is that they went through a lot of changes from the 1960’s until the team mistakenly opted for a navy blue color. Their only championship was in 1963 when they wore the powder blue jerseys. Coincidence? I do not think so!

Los Angeles Chargers make powder blue jersey primary uniform

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Vintage jerseys

10 Vintage NBA Jerseys Teams Must Bring Back

NBA Jersey Day: With several teams sporting new colors at home and away, while also giving fans a taste of nostalgia by bringing back some of the most beloved homecoming jerseys.

Ranking of the 10 best “City Edition” uniforms for the 2020-21 NBA season

As the NBA celebrates #NBAJerseyDay on season opener, here are the 10 best homecoming jerseys that need to make a comeback.

1. Philadelphia 76ers Route – 1997-2009

After years without wearing a black uniform, the 76ers’ 2020-21 City Edition is bringing back the colourway, paying homage to the iconic sight of Boathouse Row.

Ben Simmons helped design the new uniforms, with the Australian ringleader pushing to bring back era sons Allen Iverson. “I took it upon myself to bring back the black jersey “, Ben Simmons told ESPN.

Iverson rocked the 76ers’ black jersey when he won the 2001 Most Valuable Player of the Year trophy, only adding to the nostalgia.

2. Orlando Magic with the stripes

The Magic jerseys have been a disappointment in recent years, as they sit on a gold mine of a throwback to their famous’ 90s stripes.

Immediately bringing back the vibes of the 90s Penny Hardaway x Shaquille O’Neal, these white, black or blue stripes are a must have for Magic fans.

5 players who played 50 points in NBA opening night history, including 2 appearances in Jordan

3. The Chicago Bulls revisit the cursive

Although the Bulls have never won a championship in these uniforms, they retain iconic status, symbolizing the start of the Michael Jordan era in 1984.

Has anyone ever looked cooler than MJ wearing this jersey with two gold chains in the 1985 Slam Dunk contest? I did not mean it.

4. Toronto Raptors = Dino son

The Raptors brought them back in 2014-15 to celebrate the team’s 20th anniversary, but let’s go ahead and start over.

The object of many jokes at the time, these cartoon uniforms have aged gracefully, now becoming a must-have jersey for Raptors fans.

NBA Jersey Day: What is the most decorated jersey number in NBA history? Notable players by notable numbers; To verify

5. The 90s Sons of the Phoenix Suns

We have to see Devin Booker drop a 40 coin in these plains.

End of the story.

6. Warriors x Run TMC

We’ve seen the Warriors bring him back to the “We Believe” era before, now it’s time to bring the sons of TMC back. Steph Curry shooting p from half court at the Chase Center in these United makes a lot of sense.

Let’s bring the ‘C’ back to the chest while we’re at it.

7. Detroit Pistons = Motor City

Detroit has looked at their Motor City nickname on their jerseys in recent years, but nothing beats the original “Grant Hill United”.

These jerseys are fiery in white and red, but the teal version takes the cake.

NBA 2020-21: Ben Simmons breaks his silence on a possible exchange with James Harden

8. The Atlanta Hawks Bring Back ’90s Swag

I show an unreasonable love for 90s cartoon jerseys, but this is hands down the best jersey the Hawks have ever produced.

9. San Antonio Spurs pay homage to the Iceman

The Spurs have gone in the opposite direction this season with their City Edition uniforms bringing the vibrant colors to their Fiesta jerseys.

The simplicity of these 1980s George Gervin-era threads has to make a comeback at some point!

10. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have had some of the best alternative jerseys in recent years with their “Vice City” colourways, but the retro 1995-96 red substitutes might be the only ones in their lineup that can outdo them.

NBA fans are almost spoiled for choice these days, with teams constantly updating their jerseys, as well as adding 30 new City Edition jerseys this season.

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Vintage jerseys

Get in shape from the start with vintage swimsuits

Not to be this guy, but I really don’t know the first thing about most sports. That said, I appreciate a good jersey and think I have a decent eye for what is going to look good.

Wearing a team jersey (unlike a cap) without being a true fan of the team – or even the sport – is enough to justify the ridiculous. It’s not that different from wild, tie-dye rock merch without being able to name your favorite “St. Stephen” recording (it’s 4/30/77 at the Palladium, by the way). my need for authenticity when it comes to sports shirts because, let’s be honest, some of them are just stunning.

I’m not the first person to advocate wearing uniform tops as a style choice. Sportswear has entered the fashion world for quite some time. Rappers representing hockey and basketball teams in the 1990s at Jonah Hill bolstering his status as a divine style by putting a Phoenix Suns jersey in his pants. Supreme has created all kinds of trendy sportswear, from baseball to cycling shirts. And then you have the kaleidoscopic world of soccer jerseys, from the absolutely wacky Nigerian World Cup jersey to Drake in his pink Juventus kit. All of this to say that like most things in the postmodern hellish landscape we live in, the meaning of wearing a team uniform has completely transcended any team allegiance.

So how can you start wearing swimsuits without looking like a in plain clothes cop? Vintage is always a better option. With less specialty fabrics and classic graphic patterns, they’re a bit easier to incorporate into your everyday look, and wearing one is as much a celebration of nostalgia as it is true fanhood. While hockey, football and baseball jerseys all have their own unique style, most popular European or Commonwealth sports have kits closer to T’s and polo shirts, which also makes them more suitable for everyday use. There’s also accessibility: Vintage rugby jerseys, cricket league jerseys, and soccer jerseys are all available in abundance on eBay and relatively easy to find.

1987-88 AS Roma jersey (ebay)

Wear the brand

Unlike most American sports, the placement of prominent sponsors has always been an attractive design element of British and European sportswear. Before all funders were giant telecom, web services, and gambling platforms, sponsors had a little more local flavor and flair, creating stylish threads. Take the 1970s Hamburger SV Campari sponsored shirts that I’ve been trying to track down for years, or the Yorkshire Tea sponsorship of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club. Here are some top notch sponsors that I couldn’t help but point out:

The point is, when you are looking for a jersey to copy on eBay, you cannot search by sponsor. The best luck I’ve had is visiting dedicated sports websites and researching “unusual” or “better” sponsor listings, then heading to the store once I know which team represented them and when.

Give cricket a chance

I have tried to understand cricket several times. I even watched a Vox Explain Netflix episode, but still, it doesn’t really fit for me. Having said that, I still love their jerseys. What’s a little more fun about cricket and rugby jerseys is that there is a huge network of leagues that operate regionally which translates to reasonably priced jerseys and a lot of fun. in terms of design. As I mentioned above, I have a soft spot for Yorkshire County Cricket Club jerseys for their Yorkshire tea sponsor, but there are plenty of other options:

The best way to search for smaller cricket team jerseys is to search a list of all the local clubs, associations or leagues in a certain country. The most important are England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, New Zealand and Australia. This will give you a good starting point to dive deep into eBay. I also couldn’t mention cricket without leaving you with a crispy sweater.

Vintage Bermuda Rugby Shirt (ebay)

Timeless rugby

No other dedicated sportswear has seen as many fashion cycles as the rugby jersey. They’re arguably in the middle of a moment right now, with brands like Rowing Blazers and Noah chanting their virtues with every drop. This is for a good reason; they rock. Colorful, a cross between a shirt and a sweater, a neat collar… what’s not to like? The nifty rubber buttons still touch me too. Rugby jerseys are slightly different from normal rugby jerseys mainly because instead of just stripes and patterns there are also team badges, embroidery etc. And many are made from a simple cotton jersey rather than a performance fabric. Once the temperature starts to drop in the evening, nothing better than to don a comfortable rugby.

So that’s your primer. Head over to eBay now, notes in hand, where you will find all the parts related to this article, as well as many others. Well, at least assuming I don’t buy them first.

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Customized jerseys

NBA Comes Under Close Review After Fans Discover “Free Hong Kong” Custom Jerseys Cannot Be Ordered In-Store

The NBA comes under scrutiny in its relationship with Beijing after fans found out they couldn’t order “Free Hong Kong” jerseys from an official online store.

A viral video reportedly revealed the league’s apparent aversion to political sentiment, while its online jersey designer licensed “Free America,” “Free Canada” and “Free Mexico.”

Hours after the discovery, the officially partnered NBA store on began allowing “Free Hong Kong” to be printed on jerseys.

The NBA has come under heavy criticism on social media for the alleged inconsistency amid renewed claims it bowed to payers in China, where there is a colossal market for the sport.

A Fanatics spokesperson said: “The phrase was inadvertently banned from our league online store sites and has now been corrected. Fans who wish to personalize it, as long as the text is within the 12 character limit , can do it.

The NBA said the error was on Fanatics’ side and affected several sports franchises in partnership with the store, not isolated from the basketball league.

Viral video revealed the league’s apparent dislike of political sentiment, while its online jersey designer cleared “Free America”, “Free Canada” and “Free Mexico”

This is the last consecutive rumble that began last week when Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) wrote an open letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who accused the league of hypocrisy in his stance towards the social justice.

The email was titled “Senator Hawley Blames NBA for Bowing in Beijing and Refusing to Support the US Army and Law Enforcement.”

Hawley made the apparent NBA decision to strictly limit the messages players can wear on their jerseys to a few pre-approved social justice slogans while censoring law enforcement or military support and any criticism. of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). ‘

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers prepares to shoot against the Orlando Magic in their 2007 NBA China Games exhibition basketball game, won by Orlando 90-86 at Qizhong Stadium in Shanghai.  China is a hugely lucrative market for the basketball league

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers prepares to shoot against the Orlando Magic in their 2007 NBA China Games exhibition basketball game, won by Orlando 90-86 at Qizhong Stadium in Shanghai. China is a hugely lucrative market for the basketball league

Last Thursday, ESPN revealed that the NBA will allow players to write social justice-themed statements and messages on their uniforms in the coming season.

The NBA and the players’ union have agreed on a list of messages that can be chosen to be displayed above the numbers on the back of their team uniforms.

The list includes phrases such as “Black Lives Matter”; “Say their names”; ‘Vote’; ” I can not breathe ” ; ‘Justice’; ‘Peace’; ‘Equality’; ‘Sufficient’; ‘Ally’; “Anti-racist”; and ‘How many more.’

Senator Hawley’s email sharing his letter blowing up the NBA drew a furious “F ** k you” response from ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski.

Wojnarowski was quickly reprimanded by the broadcaster and suspended from his duties.

“I was disrespectful and made an unfortunate mistake, I apologize for the way I behaved and immediately contact Senator Hawley to apologize directly,” Wojnarowski wrote.

ESPN also condemned the response and said “it is inexcusable for anyone working with ESPN to respond like Adrian did to Senator Hawley.”

“We are addressing it directly and the details of those conversations will remain internal.”

Lebron James, among other players, backed Wojnarowski with a #FreeWoj hashtag which was all the rage on Twitter.

But Senator Hawley rejected the NBA’s apology and claimed the debacle was simply a distraction from the bigger issue of China.

Senator Hawley wrote: “Don’t make @wojespn apologize. He just says what he really thinks. Call @NBA. You know, your job.

Pictured: Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri

On the picture ;  ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski

ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski (left) was reportedly suspended on Saturday after responding to an email from Senator Josh Hawley (right) “f *** you”

The NBA and the players' union have agreed on a list of messages that can be chosen to be displayed above the numbers on the back of their team uniforms.  On Twitter, Hawley questioned why the league wouldn't include statements like

The NBA and the players’ union have agreed on a list of messages that can be chosen to be displayed above the numbers on the back of their team uniforms. On Twitter, Hawley questioned why the league wouldn’t include statements like “Support our troops” or “Back the Blue.”

Hawley, a Republican, sent a letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on Friday, with the message as the subject line.

Hawley, a Republican, sent a letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on Friday with the message “Senator Hawley blames NBA for bowing to Beijing and refusing to support military and law enforcement American “. Two minutes later, Wojnarowski replied on his ESPN account from his phone with two words: “F *** you.”

The National Basketball Association and the league have discussed methods to promote messages of equality and police reform since the death of George Floyd, which sparked nationwide and global protests.

But the league’s membership in Black Lives Matter and its support for protests against police brutality have been criticized by conservatives who have accused teams and players of capitulating to China over similar statements of support for pro-police protests. democracy in Hong Kong.

The league banned all social justice phrases about China after Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey received backlash from Chinese NBA partners last fall for tweeting support from protesters in Hong Kong.

The NBA backed Morey’s free speech rights, but the remark sparked an icy situation with China for the league with an estimated financial fallout of $ 400 million per Silver.

Hawley responded to ESPN, saying he didn't want an apology from Wojnarowski.  Instead, he urged the network to

Hawley responded to ESPN, saying he didn’t want an apology from Wojnarowski. Instead, he urged the network to “call the NBA”

ESPN also released a statement on Friday saying Wojnarowski's behavior was

ESPN also released a statement on Friday saying Wojnarowski’s behavior was “unacceptable” and “inexcusable”

Wojnarowski posted an apology on his Twitter page saying he was

Wojnarowski posted an apology on his Twitter page saying he was “disrespectful” and “made an unfortunate mistake”

Silver said Chinese officials wanted Morey sacked for his tweet supporting anti-government protesters in Hong Kong, and the league flatly rejected the request.

Silver also said the league was already feeling “substantial” financial losses due to the Chinese reaction to Morey’s deleted tweet.

“Obviously, we have made it clear that the Chinese government, the parties we have dealt with, the government and the companies have asked us to fire him,” Silver said Thursday during an appearance at the Time 100 Health Summit in New York.

“We said, ‘There is no way that will happen. There’s no way we’ll even discipline him. ‘

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Customized jerseys

NBA allows custom jerseys

When the New Orleans Pelicans speak in Orlando, fans will likely see more than their favorite players’ names on the back of the jersey.

Several members of the New Orleans Pelicans have been involved in social justice protests outside of court and will now also be able to speak out while they are on the pitch.

Lonzo ball, Jaxson Hayes and JJ Redick have all spoken openly about the Black Lives Matter movement, whether it’s protesting, posting songs, or discussing podcasts.

Some players, notably Kyrie Irving, were against resuming the season, believing it could distract from what has become one of the most important social movements of our time.

The optics were not good for the NBA, which did not want to be seen as taking advantage of the backs of young African Americans amid protests against police brutality and getting equal treatment under the law.

In an effort to give players a platform, the NBA decided to allow players to customize their jerseys with social justice messages according to Shams Charania:

It can range from Black Lives Matter patches to individualized statements about race and social justice.

Carmelo Anthony walks against police brutality (Photo by Andrew Burton / Getty Images)

New Orleans Pelicans: NBA players have a platform for social justice

The NBA is no stranger to these kinds of times, as players like LeBron James wore shirts that read “I Can’t Breathe” in response to Eric Garner’s death at the hands of the NYPD.

The NBA has always been one of the more outspoken leagues when it comes to social issues involving race, including when Los Angeles Clippers players protested owner Donald Sterling after the publication of recorded conversations in which he had used vile and racist language.

This decision will certainly anger some, who feel that the sport should be a distraction from divisive social issues and that players should just “shut up and dribble”.

But those days are over and gamers can and should use their platform to express themselves. As humans and Americans, they have the right to talk politics, just like anyone else.

Those who think that not being racist is ‘divisive’ or that gamers shouldn’t have a platform, maybe it’s time to find a new sport to watch or take their own advice and ‘shut up’ .

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Vintage jerseys

Los Angeles Chargers Channel Vintage Jerseys in their 2019 look

Certain colors are omnipresent in sports shirts. It doesn’t matter what sport we’re talking about: certain colors and shades are very popular among designers, creating a sense of familiarity for a rarefied range of colors.

And then there is the powder blue.

In the days of football, Los Angeles Chargers have already taken the field in powder blue jerseys, a distinctive look that resonated with many team fans and sartorial observers. According to an ESPN report, Chargers cornerback Casey Hayward was quick to express his love for the vintage Chargers look.

This season was therefore tailor-made for the aesthetic of Hayward: the Chargers decided to adopt powder blue as the main color of their shirts after a long absence. He’s not the only one to be delighted: his teammate Keenan Allen is also fond of vintage jerseys, and has a collection of more than 100 from different periods in the history of the league.

As the ESPN article suggests, a return to uniforms reminiscent of those the team wore until 1974 could also help the Chargers make inroads now that they’re based in Los Angeles. Their new stadium won’t open until next season, which means they currently share Dignity Health Sports Park with the LA Galaxy – the rare example of a soccer team playing in a soccer stadium rather than the other way around.

And there has been a lot of positivity around the return of the swimsuits. Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts said: “It’s nice to see them again.” And sports reporter Paul Lukas told ESPN that “there really is no other team that has this color like the Chargers have always had.”

That tradition will return to the field with Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins – potentially introducing a new generation of fans to one of the classic looks of all time.

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Vintage jerseys

Best of vintage HS jerseys: which team has the cutest ’90s basketball uniform?

After nearly 70,000 combined votes, Moore Catholic defeated Port Richmond in the Best of HS voting tournament.

We’re going to continue the jersey tournaments, but we’re going back in time a bit.

Each week there will be a new poll to vote for, with a different sport and decade for that team’s jersey. These polls will include teams of boys and girls.

First off, 90s boys basketball jerseys, so vote for your favorite! Voting ends Tuesday at 5 p.m.


Irving Silverstein



Here you see Dwayne Archbold, a 12-year-old coach for the Curtis boys’ basketball team during his tenure as a player for the Warriors.

Archbold posted New Dorp player Edwin Yarngo on January 29, 1991.

Bishop Farrell / MSIT

This photo should represent both Monsignor Farrell and McKee / Staten Island Tech.

Jeff Kelley of the Seagulls dismissed John Brosnan of the Lions on December 4, 1992.

Jan Somma

Saint-Joseph by the sea

Monsignor Farrell makes another great appearance in this photo.

But here you see Steve Watson of Sea in his uniform with the Viking team name on his chest during a game on December 28, 1990.

Hilton flores


Eddie Joyce of Tottenville was Island’s leading scorer in the 1992-93 season

Irving Silverstein

Saint Pierre

St. Peter’s player Tim Fitzgibbons shows up for the layup against Tottenville on February 13, 1990.

Mike Falco


Port Richmond’s Jemel Kimble passes near the hoop in a Beach Channel game in December 1991.

Tony Carannante

Susan Wagner / New Dorp

This photo offers the best view of New Dorp and Susan Wagner jerseys.

New Dorp has his white jersey with the name of his school on the same and Susan Wagner does the same in navy.

This game was played in 1993.

Jin lee


Steve Dicke of the Petrides Junior Varsity basketball tries to repel his own shot against St. Peter’s.

This game was played in 1999.

Hilton flores

catholic moore

Catholic player Moore Rommel Santos is looking for the open man during a basketball game in 1990.

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Vintage jerseys

Rams go with vintage jerseys for Super Bowl LIII – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) –The LA Rams are hoping they can harvest some luck when they go with comeback jerseys against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl in Atlanta.

On Sunday, the Rams will don their vintage royal blue and sunshine yellow jerseys, which they last wore regularly when Kurt Warner and Co. won Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000, also held in Atlanta.

READ MORE: LA Animal Services is offering discounted adoptions this weekend

Lorenzo Neal, full back for the Tennessee Titans, carries the ball over the line for a touchdown against the St. Louis Rams during Super Bowl XXXIV on January 30, 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Rams won the game 23-16. (Getty Images)

After winning that game, the Rams switched to their current color scheme of blue, white and gold. Two seasons later, in 2002, and in their new colors, the Rams lost Super Bowl XXXV to none other than Tom Brady and the Patriots.

They haven’t been back to the big game since, until this year.

READ MORE: One dead, one trapped in a vehicle in the accident at Baldwin Park

It will be the seventh time this season that the Rams have worn their homecoming jerseys. According to CBS Sports, the Rams have worn homecoming jerseys for six home games, including their playoff victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

The Rams were able to choose the comeback design because the NFC was named as the home team in Super Bowl LIII, CBS Sports reports.

NO MORE NEWS: Baptist Christian Church of Light catches fire near downtown LA

Get the latest Rams Super Bowl coverage here

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Customized jerseys

Phillip Lindsay’s custom jerseys are selling like hot cakes – All Colorado news, weather and sports

Dozens of ThunderRidge high school students walk out of class to protest masksDozens of students demonstrated outside ThunderRidge High School in Highlands Ranch Wednesday morning.

Back to school means drivers need to be extra careful around these school busesNow that students are back in session, police in Denver and other Colorado communities are emphasizing the importance of driving safely around school buses.

Soak the rains in the west with more smoke in the eastWatch Dave Aguilera’s forecast

Forest Service hosts an open house on a nightly charge proposal for Maroon Bells-Snowmass WildernessThe USDA Forest Service is seeking public comment on the proposed special recreation permit fees for overnight camping in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass desert.

CV of the DIA baggage drop-off serviceThe free baggage drop service has reopened at the Denver International Airport Transit Center. The service allows passengers to print their boarding passes and check their baggage before going to the terminal.

Elijah McClain dies: grand jury issues 32-count indictment against Aurora cops, medics involvedColorado Attorney General Phil Weiser announced Wednesday morning that the grand jury has issued an indictment of 32 counts against the three Aurora police officers and two doctors with Aurora fire involved in Elijah’s death McClain just over two years ago.

Elijah McClain dies: grand jury issues 32-count indictment against Aurora cops, medics involvedColorado Attorney General Phil Weiser announced Wednesday morning that the grand jury has issued an indictment of 32 counts against the three Aurora police officers and two doctors with Aurora fire involved in Elijah’s death McClain just over two years ago. Katie Johnston reports.

Back to school means drivers need to be extra careful around these school busesNow that students are back in session, police in Denver and other Colorado communities are emphasizing the importance of driving safely around school buses.

9-1-21 digital TV newsCBS4 covers Colorado first!

Increased humidity todayLook at the forecast from meteorologist Ashton Altieri.

Police investigate bar incident involving Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler BrownCity of Greenwood Village officials say they are aware of an incident involving Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler Brown.

Colorado school district goes door-to-door to increase student numbersThe US Department of Education says public school enrollment during the pandemic fell by more than 1.5 million students.

Oakland Elementary in Denver on “operational shutdown” following COVID exposureDenver Public Schools confirm that Oakland Elementary School will be in “operational shutdown” due to understaffing.

Sweetwater Lake, Garfield County News, Eagle County News, White River National ForestWhite River National Forest announced it has acquired 488 acres of land in western Colorado.

Abdirahman Hussein Mohamed sentenced to 24 years for robbery at Greeley TargetA judge in Greeley has sentenced a man to 24 years in prison for threatening to open fire inside a target in 2020.

Life of 38th Colorado Governor Dick Lamm honoredDick Lamm was one of our longest-serving governors with three terms between 1975 and 1987.

Fence built around a homeless camp near Four Winds American Indian CouncilA fence was placed around a homeless camp in Denver ahead of its planned removal. The camp is next to the Four Winds American Indian Council on 5th Avenue and Bannock Street.

Police investigate bar incident involving Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler BrownCity of Greenwood Village officials say they are aware of an incident involving Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler Brown.

Drones and sonar used in search of missing 28-year-old Broomfield camper in Two Buttes State Wildlife RefugeAccording to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the 28-year-old man from Broomfield was camping in the Two Buttes State Wildlife Refuge, about 40 miles south of Lamar in extreme southeastern Colorado, when he visited. faded away.

Colorado governor calls on federal government to suspend planned gathering of wild horses in sand wash basinGovernor Jared Polis is asking the Home Office and the Bureau of Land Management to delay the planned wild horse tour of the sand wash basin. This roundup is expected to begin on Wednesday, September 1.

More at-risk tenants in Colorado get the help they needThe city of Denver says its latest round of contracts with housing groups will help secure federal money for those in need.

Beta nightclub owners in LoDo brought to justice in secret investigationsA number of secret investigations at a Denver nightclub led the city’s excise and licensing department to order club owners to appear in court.

Colorado family calls for change to CHSAA rules after disqualification of swimmer with diabetesA referee disqualified a high school athlete in Colorado Springs at a critical swim competition for wearing duct tape on a blood glucose meter.

Parents: Hazing led to criminal charges and disciplinary action for Chatfield High School officialsSeveral parents at Jeffco Public Schools told CBS4 that some form of hazing led to a criminal charge against the athletic director of Chatfield High School for failing to report child abuse or neglect.

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Customized jerseys

Sam Hubbard’s family orders record 164 custom jerseys from Bengals Pro Shop

WCPO’s Mike Dyer gives a behind-the-scenes look at how Cincinnati Bengals rookie Sam Hubbard is adjusting to life in the NFL, both on and off the field. These stories will chronicle the former Ohio State and Moeller star’s progress with playing on the field, interactions with teammates and coaches, and his new daily experience of life as an NFL player.

CINCINNATI – Sam Hubbard’s custom Bengals jerseys will soon outnumber the number of players on the training camp roster.

Hubbard, the Cincinnati Bengals rookie defensive end and former Ohio State and Moeller High School star, hasn’t played a single preseason game. Still, 164 personalized jerseys will be delivered to family and friends in two batches within the next week or two.

The Bengals have 91 players at training camp this month.

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“It’s unprecedented for us that a player’s family has come to order so many shirts at once,” said Monty Montague, merchandise manager for the Bengals Pro Shop. “So we were thrilled when they did, obviously. We’re producing them as we speak, and they should see them in the next few weeks.”

Sam’s sister Madison Hubbard helped coordinate orders this spring and summer from family and friends across the country. By the beginning of June, she had gathered around 150 names for the Orange and black jerseys n ° 94 in men’s, women’s and youth sizes.

“To be honest, I knew the order would be huge,” said Madison Hubbard. “Anyone who’s ever met Sam loves him.”

The order placed on July 16 sold out what the Pro Shop had in its inventory of personalized jerseys. There have already been requests for a second order.

“We have blank jerseys available for custom jerseys for any player and other names,” Montague said. “They went heavy and deep in some of our sizes that we had to order more from Nike and get them to our beautification business.”

The Bengals Pro Shop is filling orders for 164 custom Sam Hubbard jerseys this summer. Additional requests for the jerseys are pending, according to Hubbard’s family. (Photo provided by the Cincinnati Bengals)

Montague said the only custom jerseys comparison is that of Bengals punter Kevin Huber, a University of Cincinnati graduate and Archbishop McNicholas High School whose family has ordered jerseys in his last 10 seasons with the ‘team.

“But, the 164 at a time is unheard of,” Montague said of Hubbard.

The Hubbard family received a team discount; his entry-level Nike jersey costs $ 100. The family ordered the personalized jerseys in black and orange for the men, black and orange for the youth and orange for the women.

Sam Hubbard, a lifelong Bengals fan, did not wear a Bengals jersey in his youth. He had posters of Rudi Johnson, Chad Johnson and Rey Maualuga at the time. He got Rudi Johnson’s autograph at the Kenwood Towne Center, and he loved watching Chad Johnson every Sunday.

Knowing that 164 jerseys were ordered in his name was flattering, Hubbard said.

“I know Kevin Huber placed a huge order the day he first got here,” Hubbard told WCPO. “It’s really special. No pressure at all. It’s really cool.”

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Jim Hubbard, Sam’s father, told WCPO his family had season tickets at Paul Brown Stadium. They are also getting ready for hatchbacks this fall. The Hubbard family had a large number of people at hatchback parties in Columbus during Sam’s college career.

“They are really, really excited,” Sam Hubbard said. “Everyone is really excited to be a part of my support system and get out on Sunday and the tailgate, have a good time, enjoy the city and enjoy the hard work that we do. “

Montague said he hopes the Hubbard jersey will be added to the Pro Shop’s variety of regular selections soon, as will Andy Dalton, AJ Green and other stars.

“We certainly hope Sam gets the support of the fans to demand that the jersey be made,” Montague said. “But for now, we’re just taking a hands-off approach and seeing how fans react when he plays for us. And if we get enough demand, we’ll reach out to Nike and put it on sale.”

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