10 Vintage NBA Jerseys Teams Must Bring Back

NBA Jersey Day: With several teams sporting new colors at home and away, while also giving fans a taste of nostalgia by bringing back some of the most beloved homecoming jerseys.

Ranking of the 10 best “City Edition” uniforms for the 2020-21 NBA season

As the NBA celebrates #NBAJerseyDay on season opener, here are the 10 best homecoming jerseys that need to make a comeback.

1. Philadelphia 76ers Route – 1997-2009

After years without wearing a black uniform, the 76ers’ 2020-21 City Edition is bringing back the colourway, paying homage to the iconic sight of Boathouse Row.

Ben Simmons helped design the new uniforms, with the Australian ringleader pushing to bring back era sons Allen Iverson. “I took it upon myself to bring back the black jersey “, Ben Simmons told ESPN.

Iverson rocked the 76ers’ black jersey when he won the 2001 Most Valuable Player of the Year trophy, only adding to the nostalgia.

2. Orlando Magic with the stripes

The Magic jerseys have been a disappointment in recent years, as they sit on a gold mine of a throwback to their famous’ 90s stripes.

Immediately bringing back the vibes of the 90s Penny Hardaway x Shaquille O’Neal, these white, black or blue stripes are a must have for Magic fans.

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3. The Chicago Bulls revisit the cursive

Although the Bulls have never won a championship in these uniforms, they retain iconic status, symbolizing the start of the Michael Jordan era in 1984.

Has anyone ever looked cooler than MJ wearing this jersey with two gold chains in the 1985 Slam Dunk contest? I did not mean it.

4. Toronto Raptors = Dino son

The Raptors brought them back in 2014-15 to celebrate the team’s 20th anniversary, but let’s go ahead and start over.

The object of many jokes at the time, these cartoon uniforms have aged gracefully, now becoming a must-have jersey for Raptors fans.

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5. The 90s Sons of the Phoenix Suns

We have to see Devin Booker drop a 40 coin in these plains.

End of the story.

6. Warriors x Run TMC

We’ve seen the Warriors bring him back to the “We Believe” era before, now it’s time to bring the sons of TMC back. Steph Curry shooting p from half court at the Chase Center in these United makes a lot of sense.

Let’s bring the ‘C’ back to the chest while we’re at it.

7. Detroit Pistons = Motor City

Detroit has looked at their Motor City nickname on their jerseys in recent years, but nothing beats the original “Grant Hill United”.

These jerseys are fiery in white and red, but the teal version takes the cake.

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8. The Atlanta Hawks Bring Back ’90s Swag

I show an unreasonable love for 90s cartoon jerseys, but this is hands down the best jersey the Hawks have ever produced.

9. San Antonio Spurs pay homage to the Iceman

The Spurs have gone in the opposite direction this season with their City Edition uniforms bringing the vibrant colors to their Fiesta jerseys.

The simplicity of these 1980s George Gervin-era threads has to make a comeback at some point!

10. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have had some of the best alternative jerseys in recent years with their “Vice City” colourways, but the retro 1995-96 red substitutes might be the only ones in their lineup that can outdo them.

NBA fans are almost spoiled for choice these days, with teams constantly updating their jerseys, as well as adding 30 new City Edition jerseys this season.

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