Best of vintage HS jerseys: which team has the cutest ’90s basketball uniform?

After nearly 70,000 combined votes, Moore Catholic defeated Port Richmond in the Best of HS voting tournament.

We’re going to continue the jersey tournaments, but we’re going back in time a bit.

Each week there will be a new poll to vote for, with a different sport and decade for that team’s jersey. These polls will include teams of boys and girls.

First off, 90s boys basketball jerseys, so vote for your favorite! Voting ends Tuesday at 5 p.m.


Irving Silverstein



Here you see Dwayne Archbold, a 12-year-old coach for the Curtis boys’ basketball team during his tenure as a player for the Warriors.

Archbold posted New Dorp player Edwin Yarngo on January 29, 1991.

Bishop Farrell / MSIT

This photo should represent both Monsignor Farrell and McKee / Staten Island Tech.

Jeff Kelley of the Seagulls dismissed John Brosnan of the Lions on December 4, 1992.

Jan Somma

Saint-Joseph by the sea

Monsignor Farrell makes another great appearance in this photo.

But here you see Steve Watson of Sea in his uniform with the Viking team name on his chest during a game on December 28, 1990.

Hilton flores


Eddie Joyce of Tottenville was Island’s leading scorer in the 1992-93 season

Irving Silverstein

Saint Pierre

St. Peter’s player Tim Fitzgibbons shows up for the layup against Tottenville on February 13, 1990.

Mike Falco


Port Richmond’s Jemel Kimble passes near the hoop in a Beach Channel game in December 1991.

Tony Carannante

Susan Wagner / New Dorp

This photo offers the best view of New Dorp and Susan Wagner jerseys.

New Dorp has his white jersey with the name of his school on the same and Susan Wagner does the same in navy.

This game was played in 1993.

Jin lee


Steve Dicke of the Petrides Junior Varsity basketball tries to repel his own shot against St. Peter’s.

This game was played in 1999.

Hilton flores

catholic moore

Catholic player Moore Rommel Santos is looking for the open man during a basketball game in 1990.

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