Bluebeards, vintage jerseys on display as 30,000 Blues fans fill downtown for a rally | Metro

Friends Michael Tebbe, 33; Kyle Fuehne, 34; and Ed Monken, 35, drove about an hour to the party from the Carlyle, Illinois area.

Tebbe, with his dyed blue beard and vintage Blues jersey, remembers seeing his first Blues game in the old St. Louis arena. Brett Hull had a hat trick against the Dallas Stars.

“That kind of thing gets you hooked at 6,” he said. “It’s just a part of my life.”

He and his friends couldn’t miss a chance to experience a victory firsthand, Tebbe said as the music blared from the speakers. “This is history.”

Nick Sabourin, 65, left his retirement in Cocoa Beach, Fla., To return to his hometown for the party. He’s been in St. Louis all week, hoping for a happy ending.

“It would be good for the whole city,” Sabourin said after having his picture taken with a Stanley Cup sign. “We had a lot of good times with the Cardinals. It’s time for the Blues. It’s their time.

Brock Shults, 32, and his wife, Amanda Shults, 30, moved from Chesterfield to Kansas City six years ago and had to return to St. Louis in hopes of celebrating side by side with other fans .

Strangers stopped to take a photo with Brock Shults, who shaved his hair into a short mohawk, and dyed it and his beard blue and yellow.

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