Los Angeles Chargers Channel Vintage Jerseys in their 2019 look

Certain colors are omnipresent in sports shirts. It doesn’t matter what sport we’re talking about: certain colors and shades are very popular among designers, creating a sense of familiarity for a rarefied range of colors.

And then there is the powder blue.

In the days of football, Los Angeles Chargers have already taken the field in powder blue jerseys, a distinctive look that resonated with many team fans and sartorial observers. According to an ESPN report, Chargers cornerback Casey Hayward was quick to express his love for the vintage Chargers look.

This season was therefore tailor-made for the aesthetic of Hayward: the Chargers decided to adopt powder blue as the main color of their shirts after a long absence. He’s not the only one to be delighted: his teammate Keenan Allen is also fond of vintage jerseys, and has a collection of more than 100 from different periods in the history of the league.

As the ESPN article suggests, a return to uniforms reminiscent of those the team wore until 1974 could also help the Chargers make inroads now that they’re based in Los Angeles. Their new stadium won’t open until next season, which means they currently share Dignity Health Sports Park with the LA Galaxy – the rare example of a soccer team playing in a soccer stadium rather than the other way around.

And there has been a lot of positivity around the return of the swimsuits. Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts said: “It’s nice to see them again.” And sports reporter Paul Lukas told ESPN that “there really is no other team that has this color like the Chargers have always had.”

That tradition will return to the field with Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins – potentially introducing a new generation of fans to one of the classic looks of all time.

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